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Nextjet granted permanent operating licence

On 30 October 2017, the Swedish Transport Agency issued a permanent operating licence to Nextjet AB, which means the company can continue to operate services after 17 November as planned.

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Nextjet’s Operating Licence

Nextjet is licensed to fly until 17 November this year, and for some time, Nextjet has been working to regain its licence. An application for a new licence has been submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency and an answer can be expected in the near future.

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Fler valde att resa med Nextjet till och från Kramfors

De första fem månaderna 2017 visade på en stark tillväxt i antal resenärer på sträckorna Kramfors - Arlanda och Kramfors - Gällivare för Nextjet. Den totala ökningen januari till maj, jämfört med föregående år, var i faktiska tal fler än 800 resenärer vilket ger en ökning på över 20% under perioden.

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Namechange is allowed in C, D-class for free and in Y, B, H, N, M, U, Q, T at a charge of SEK500 per person. 

SEK500 must be collected on DU-tax which remains nonrefundable.

Agencies can now book groups in GDS

As of 1 January 2018 it will be mandatory for all travel agencies to book and issue groups through their own GDS.

Codeshare with SAS reinstated

The codeshare agreement with SAS is now resinstated. Destinationerna som omfattas är AJR, HMV, JKG, KOK, KRF, KSD, LYC, MHQ, VHM.  


Interline with AY reinstated 

The interline with AY FInnair is now reinstated for all destinations in Nextjets network (Execpt for LLA-OUL and TOS-OUL)

Transportation at Arlanda

A new service started 03OCT17 for passengers arriving at Terminal 4 at Arlanda with bags checked through to their final destination.

A transferbus will depart from gate 30D and goes to Terminal 2 & Terminal 5. Mon-Fri 05:45-23:00, Sat-Sun 06:00-23:00. 

You press a button at the gate and a transport will arrive within 10minutes. It will take about 10 minutes from Domestic to International.

This transport is only available from Domestic to international. From International to Domestic you have to go through customs therefore it is not possible. 

Changes before departure

Charge SEK300 for Reissue / Revalidation. Charge applies per passenger and booking opportunity.   

Changes of origin and/or destination are not allowed.                                                                  

Contact information to passengers

Please insert contact information in pnr. If below APN rows are inserted in pnr the passenger will receive a notification to check-in. The airline can also send a message about delay/cancellation if any of these contact rows are inserted in pnr. 





Codeshare Nextjet & KLM

Nextjet and KLM starts a new codeshare agreement. The destinations covered are Arvidsjaur, Jönköping, Karlstad, Karleby/Jakobstad( Finland), Kramfors- Sollefteå, Lycksele, Mariehamn ( Åland), Sundsvall, Vilhelmina and Örnsköldsvik. From these destinations it is now possible to travel on one document  to all KLM destinations and the luggage will be checked in to final destination.

Our ambition is that all Nextjet destinations will be part of this agreement soon.

DU tax instead of Q-surcharge

It is  now possible to use DU tax when reissue with a rebooking fee. Charge the rebooking fee SEK300 as a DU tax.

New RBD for Senior fares

Senior fares will be moved to booking class V as per below.

Flight period Booking class
- 31DEC16 K
01JAN17 - V


Already booked tickets with departure dates in 2017 will be reaccomodated to booking class V by Nextjet.


MAAS for young refugees

The code MAAS may be used instead of code UMNR, for young refugees travelling alone. This is due to the increased number of young refugees travelling on domestic routes within Sweden.

Rules for UMNR

UM-assistance is mandatory for children travelling alone aged 5-11 years.

UM-assistance for children travelling alone aged 12-17years is voluntary.


To/from GEV and all other destinations with a stopover where no later flight is available the same day. This means it is not allowed to book UMNR on these flights.

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